The Vuzix M400 and M4000 are monocular Android-based wearable computers. It is designed to allow users to quickly and easily leverage specialized Android based applications to provide hands-free access to critical information. This allows users to be to complete tasks faster while simultaneously reducing errors in the process.

The M400 and M4000 contain many of the same capabilities as a standard Android smartphone, in an unobtrusive head-mounted form factor. See below for a full list of hardware and interaction capabilities of the device:

  • Full color display:

    • M400: 640x360 nHD resolution occluded OLED

    • M4000: 854x480 see-through waveguide optics

  • 8 Core 2.52Ghz Qualcomm XR1 processor

  • 6GB system RAM

  • 64GB internal flash storage

  • Camera capable of up to 12.8MP stills and 4k video with auto-focus and image stabilization

  • Orientation sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer)

  • User-facing speaker

  • Triple noise-cancelling microphones

  • 4 standard Android control buttons

  • Touch pad with multi finger support

  • Voice control

The M400 and M4000 are huge leaps forward in the head-mounted wearable device market. Leveraging the power of the Qualcomm XR1 processor will allow you to push the boundaries of video processing and 3D rendering.

The M400 and M4000 also include an updated camera that improves resolution, frame rates and auto-focus time over previously available devices. These rates are documented in the Camera Knowledge Base.

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