Managing Private Applications
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What is a Private App?

Setting your app to private gives you the ability to maintain a list of users that can download your app. Only the users you have granted access to will be able to install your app on their devices.

Furthermore, no one else will be able to find it in the Vuzix App Store.

Submitting a Private App

Submitting a Private App is a straight forward process.

First, navigate to your Developer Account tab of the Vuzix App Store.

From your Apps page, select the "SUBMIT NEW APP" button.

On this screen, select your app's name, planned monetization options and the checkbox indicating you are submitting this application as a Private App.

The remaining fields are optional at this point.

However, please keep in mind that the information provided in this page will help the users you grant access to your app, to get started using your application on their device.

Uploading the APK

To submit your APK, select the App Versions option from your private app listing.

On Addscreen, you can add new versions of your app, as well as, manage previously submitted versions.

To upload a new version, select the "ADD NEW VERSION" button.

Fill in the information on the Add Version screen as applicable to your application.

When finished, click the "SUBMIT" button to submit your application to the app approval process.

*Note: The app approval process will be completed within 48 hours of app submission. During this time you may be contacted for further information about your application if the app approval team deems it necessary.

Managing User Access

To manage who has access to your private app, select the Users option at the bottom of your app listing.

From the Private App Users page, you can grant access to your private app by selecting the "ADD USER" button and providing the user's email.

On this page you can also revoke access from any users you no longer wish to have access to your app.

After adding a new user to the access list, an auto-generated email will be sent to the address provided instructing them on how to access your app and install it on their devices.

The user can click the "Go to app page" button to be linked directly to your app details page and install the app onto their Vuzix Smart Glasses.

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