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Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses connect the digital world to the real world by providing real-time access to key alerts and information while your phone stays in your pocket. Finally, a pair of smart glasses that consumers or enterprise workers are not afraid to wear in public.

The Vuzix Blade contains many of the capabilities of a standard Android smartphone in an unobtrusive head-mounted form factor. See below for a full list of hardware and interaction capabilities of the device:

  • Waveguide based see-through optics

  • Vibrant full-color display

  • Right-eye monocular

  • Quad-core ARM CPU

  • Android OS

  • 1GB system RAM

  • 8GB internal flash storage

  • External SD-Card support

  • Auto-Focus* Camera capable of up to 8 Megapixel camera with 720p video

  • Stereo speakers*

  • Dual noise-cancelling microphones

  • Two-axis touchpad

  • Voice control

  • Orientation sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer)

  • Inner/outer proximity sensors

  • Outward-facing Ambient Light Sensor

*Only available on the Blade Upgraded

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