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Why are applications from the app store not appearing on my M-Series device?
Why are applications from the app store not appearing on my M-Series device?
Written by Christian Powell
Updated over a week ago

Once configured, applications should install to the device automatically. There are a few possible reasons this is not occurring.

Network Connectivity

Before troubleshooting the App Store connection, please verify the M-Series Glasses have an active Wi-Fi connection to the public internet.

Device Configuration

The most common reason for applications not updating is the M-Series device is configured with communication to the Vuzix App Store disabled. To check this from the M-Series, navigate to Settings > App Manager. The App Manager toggle switch must be enabled to communicate.

Once the App Manager is toggled, it may fail with the error “App Store connection refused. Is this device properly registered on the app store?” The switch will again appear in the off position. To correct this, follow the "Linking to App Store Account" section below, then repeat this configuration step.

Once enabling the App Manager is successful, please be sure the M-Series device is configured to “Run Actions Automatically” and to “Check for Updates Periodically”. This will keep the device synchronized with the latest updates from the Vuzix App Store, preventing future problems.

Click “Check for Pending Actions Now” and the M-Series device will begin downloading and installing any applications that are out of date.

Linking to App Store Account

If the device configuration did not solve the problem, the last step is to verify the device status within the Vuzix App Store.

Determine the serial number of your M-Series device before continuing. The serial number is printed on the outside plastic of the M-Series device. Please be careful to read this from the main M-Series unit, not the battery. It may be easier to read the serial number on the M-Series screen than on the plastic. This is done by navigating to Settings > About smart glasses > Status and scrolling down until the serial number is displayed.

From a computer, visit the “Vuzix App Store” from the Vuzix homepage. Select “My Account” from the top of the App Store page. Select "My Devices" from the navigation bar on the left.

If the serial number of your M-Series is not shown, click the "ADD NEW DEVICE" button, and follow the instructions. If the device serial number is already showing up under "My Devices", press the Refresh button (circular arrows) to allow the device to reconnect.

If any errors occur during this process, please contact Technical Support.

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