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Can I use voice commands to control the M-Series smart glasses?
Can I use voice commands to control the M-Series smart glasses?
Written by Christian Powell
Updated over a week ago

Yes, the M-Series Smart Glasses Speech Recognition engine includes a set of basic navigation and control commands by default. These commands are globally accessible on the M-Series Smart Glasses while the recognizer is enabled.

To enable, go to Speech Recognition in the Settings application and toggle the “Enable Vuzix Speech Recognition” option. From this screen, you can also modify the sensitivity and timeout settings of the Speech Recognition engine. Sensitivity will adjust the amount of accuracy required by the recognizer when listening for a phrase, and timeout will adjust how long the recognizer will continue listening for commands after the keyword or the last voice command is issued. By default, the timeout is 15 seconds. Setting the timeout slider to the maximum value will set the timeout to an unlimited value, though it is important to keep in mind this will increase battery usage by the recognizer.

To issue voice commands, you must first speak the “Hello Vuzix” keyword to trigger the listener which will remain active for the timeout duration. Issuing additional commands will reset this timeout. To see a list of the current set of stock voice commands and their functions please reference the Knowledge Base article here.

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