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How can I connect my M-Series smart glasses to a wi-fi network?
How can I connect my M-Series smart glasses to a wi-fi network?
Written by Christian Powell
Updated over a week ago

For most users, the simplest way to connect the M-Series Smart Glasses to a WiFi network is by generating a QR code using your computer or smartphone and scanning it on your device. Vuzix provides a browser-based tool to generate such a QR code on To maintain your security, this tool generates the QR code locally within your browser. The tool does not transmit your SSID or password to our servers.

Once you have a QR code, open the Scanner application located on the M-Series Smart Glasses main launcher, scan the QR code, and click the "Connect To Network" button.

If scanning a QR code does not meet your needs, you can manually view and connect to networks.

Open the Settings application and then select Wi-Fi from the top of the list. Enable the WiFi by toggling Off to On. The device will then scan for available networks. Scroll down to the network you want to connect to and select it. A standard Android keyboard will come up if the network is password protected. Use this keyboard to enter the password. The touchpad and buttons can be used to navigate the keyboard.

Advanced WiFi settings can be accessed from the context menu on the WiFi settings page, by long-pressing on the button closest to the M-Series Smart Glasses display and then selecting "Advanced" from the dropdown list. This will show you your WiFi MAC and IP address, as well as allow you to modify other advanced settings such as restricting the wireless to 5GHz WiFi bands.

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