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How can I update the OS on my M-Series smart glasses?
How can I update the OS on my M-Series smart glasses?
Written by Christian Powell
Updated over a week ago


The preferred method of updating your M-Series Smart Glasses is via the included OTA (Over The Air) update mechanism, which will require the M-Series Smart Glasses to be connected to a stable WiFi network with internet access.

  1. Make sure your M-Series Smart Glasses are plugged into a 1.5 amp USB power source*.

  2. Open the Settings application.

  3. Select the "OTA System Update" option at the bottom of the list.

  4. Select the "Check Server for Updates" option.

  5. If an update is available, select "Install".

  6. Wait for the M-Series Smart Glasses to download, then reboot and install the update.

  7. Once the M-Series Smart Glasses have fully rebooted following the update, your update is complete.

*Do not power off or interrupt the M-Series Smart Glasses during the upgrade process or corruption of the OS may occur! If your OS is corrupted, contact Vuzix Technical Support for assistance.

Platform Flash Tool Lite

As an alternative, the M-Series Smart Glasses can be updated offline via USB with Platform Flash Tool Lite from Intel. For assistance with manually updating your device with this tool, please contact Vuzix Technical Support.

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