Enable ADB Debugging on the Vuzix Blade 2
Written by Brody Wood
Updated over a week ago

The Blade 2, by default, will have ADB (Android Debug Bridge) debugging disabled for security and privacy reasons.

In the Blade 2 OS, we can enable ADB Debugging using the below steps.

If you are having trouble with this please reach out to the Support team.

Go to the Settings App and navigate to System > About

Settings App

System Menu Item

System > About menu item

Tap on about will show Device information screen. On this Device info screen perform One-Finger Swipe Forward 7 times.

Notice a Prompt reporting the number of swipes will be displayed.

Note: Make sure your Blade 2 is in Gesture mode when performing the One-Finger swipes.

Dev Options enabling

After the 7 swipes the user will be taken to Dev Options button and you will notice that the Dev Options button will be added under the System menu.

This Dev Option has additional features like USB debugging, Keep Screen On and Mock Locations.

New Dev Option Menu

Developer Options

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