Technical Details
Written by Brody Wood
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The Android OS running on the Blade 2 is a modified version of Android 11(R), tailored to the components and capabilities of the device.

For the most part, development of applications intended to be used on the Blade 2 can be accomplished by following standard Android development methodologies and by leveraging existing Android APIs. The APIs listed below are some of the prominent features of Android for which default APIs should be leveraged:

  • Camera – android.hardware.Camera or android.hardware.Camera2 may be used.

  • Sensors – Use SensorManager.

  • Bluetooth – Use BluetoothManager and BluetoothAdapter. Standard Bluetooth and BLE are supported.

  • Database – Standard Android SQLite is supported.

There are some components of the Blade 2 which will require device-specific APIs to access; these APIs will be covered in detail in other sections of the SDK documentation.

Supported Application Development

The Blade 2 supports any application develop for Android.

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