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This tutorial will show how to create a Vuzix Blade 2 application with Android Studio. Remember that most Blade 2 applications start as basic Android Apps. This tutorial will start with that assumption.

This tutorial will show how to build the following parts of the Blade 2 Application:

  • Basic Application Structure:

    • Adding Vuzix HUD Libraries

    • Use of Vuzix DynamicThemeApplication class

    • Use of Vuzix ActionMenuActivity class

    • Use of BladeOS Applicaiton Icon Tinting feature

  • How to Create Two UI / UX Styles for Your First Application:

    • Center Content Style

    • Around Content Style

  • Application Widget for the Launch Screen:

    • How to Create a Dynamic Changing Widget with Dynamic Theme

    • How to Use the BladeOS Auto-Widget Loading Feature

If you want to follow along with a pre-built Vuzix Blade 2 Template App, feel free to download the Template app from our Code sample area.

Now let's get started with the Tutorial.

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