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Getting Started with a New Android Studio Project
Getting Started with a New Android Studio Project
Written by Brody Wood
Updated over a week ago

Vuzix recommends using the latest Android Studio version. Android Studio can be downloaded from

  • Open Android Studio.

  • Select Start a new Android Studio project from the “Welcome to Android Studio” window.

Target Android Devices

  • Select Phone and Tablet form factor in the “Templates” window.

  • For this example, select the Empty Activity template in the “Templates” window.

Welcome to Android Studio

  • Provide the Application name in the "Empty Activity” window.

  • Change the Project location if you’d like.

  • The Vuzix Blade 2 currently runs Android 11, so select API 30 for the target API.

Configure Activity

  • Android Studio will generate the example project and display the MainActivity class as shown below.

New Project

This is the basis of any Vuzix Blade 2 application, and basic Android activity application.

Now lets continue the process of making this Vuzix Blade 2 application by adding the Vuzix HUD libraries and resource.

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