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Vuzix Blade FAQs
Vuzix Blade FAQs
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Can I override the built-in gestures?
How large is the Vuzix Blade display?
Can you lock Vuzix Blade with a pin?
How can I navigate the Blade user interface?
Why is there no sound coming out of my Bluetooth headphones?
What are the camera specifications on the Blade?
Can I adjust the sensitivity of the touch pad?
What is the maximum SD card size that Blade supports?
What is the maximum length video I can record?
How can I transfer files to/from the Blade?
What connectivity feature does Blade provide?
What is speech recognition?
How do I enable speech recognition on my Blade?
Can I use speech recognition to launch a Digital Assistant?
Does speech recognition require an internet connection?
Can I make my own speech recognition commands?
What speech recognition commands can I say?
Does speech recognition record what I say?
What is the power rating of the battery?
Can I use voice commands to control the Blade?
How can I adjust or reconfigure the haptics or vibrations on the Vuzix Blade?
How can I get an OTA (over the air) update?
What wi-fi bands does Blade support?
How can I manage the OTA (over the air) update notifications on my Blade?
How can I open a webpage on my Blade?
How do I transfer files to/from my Mac?
How do I connect to wi-fi?
How to enable dev options and ADB debugging?
How do I optimize camera performance in dark environments?
What are the supported resolutions on Vuzix Blade?
What are the advanced gestures supported on Vuzix Blade?
What are the USB connectivities modes on Vuzix Blade?
What is developer mode or dev options?
What are the various states of the power LED?
How can I perform a software update on the Blade?
What does the camera LED turn on?