We are a pay-as-you-go, per ad, model. It is free to log in, validate your MLS, and view your listings. There is no monthly fee or subscription to use Walled Garden.

You have the ability to increase your daily ad spend, ad duration, and mile radius to your preferences. More ad spend = more leads.

By purchasing an ad with Walled Garden, you are instantly provided with an Facebook Marketing Lead Generation campaign that includes an automatically created, beautifully designed, single property website and a highly tested, optimized, and proven ad that is published to Facebook with just a few clicks. You are also provided with the ability to route your lead notifications anywhere you wish and access to the single property website during the duration of your ad for promotional purposes. We are founded by a highly respected Facebook Marketing Strategist who has researched similar products and pricing models and is proud to provide such an affordable solution to Agents.

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