Walled Garden uses MLS ID verification in order to automatically locate your listing information. If you're having trouble logging in, please check the following:

Are You an Active Member of Your MLS?

MLS software will only acknowledge users who are in good standing, make sure that your membership with the MLS is current and your account is active.

Do You Have Active Listings?

Some MLS software only acknowledges Agent IDs if they are the listing agent for any active Listings. In these markets, you may need to use your Office ID instead so that your MLS software sees that the ID has active listings. Our platform will continue to ask for MLS Verification until identifying an MLS ID that is known by the selected MLS software, often requiring one that is associated with active listings. No listing? Try using your Office ID or Advertising Another Agent's Listing.

Note: we do not display Pending, Coming Soon, or Sold listings.

Is Your MLS ID Correct?

You may enter an MLS Listing ID, Agent ID, or Office ID only.

Your MLS ID is NOT your license number.

Your MLS ID should NOT include any special characters such as . ! / (i.e. "abq.agentid" is incorrect, remove "abq." and use only "agentid")

Your MLS ID is often a shortened version of your name, office name, OR a series of numbers. All are assigned by your MLS.

Your MLS ID may not be the same as the credentials you use to log in to your MLS. Take care to enter the ID exactly as it is shown by your MLS software. Some letters and numbers are easily mistaken (e.g. ZERO/OH, ONE/EYE/ELL, EIGHT/BEE, etc).

Did You Select The Correct MLS?

Search for a supported MLS by entering the name, acronym, state name or abbreviation, or a related keyword. We only display MLS markets where our coverage is available. Click to select the MLS when you find it.

Is Your MLS Board Available?

We currently cover multiple MLS markets per state and our coverage is constantly increasing. However, it could be that your specific MLS is not available. Click here to view Supported MLSs.

If you continue to have trouble with your MLS ID Verification, please chat with us for additional support or to request coverage in your market area.

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