Zapier allows Walled Garden users to connect to dozens of CRM's and sends your lead information automatically. Set up your Walled Garden connection in a matter of minutes by following these steps:

  1. Click on Account tab in Dashboard

  2. Scroll to API Integrations.

  3. Click "Enable" next to Zapier

4. Login or Create a free Zapier account

5. Inside your Zapier account, click on "My Apps"

6. Then click on "Add Connection"

7. Type Walled Garden in the "Add a new app connection" box. Select the top Walled Garden option when the app name appears.

8. Copy the Zapier API Key from your Walled Garden dashboard, and paste it in the Zapier access box. Then click "Yes, Continue." Note: After you click "Yes, Continue" the Zapier page remains open. Go ahead and close this page.

9. Confirm connection was successful in your Walled Garden dashboard. Click "Finish Setup".

10. Go back to Zapier to create your first Zap. In Zapier dashboard, click on "Make A Zap".

11. On new Zap page - name your Zap, enter Walled Garden in the app search bar, then click on Walled Garden LATEST.

12. After Walled Garden app populates, click "New Lead" in Trigger Event drop down menu. Then click "Continue".

13. Choose your Walled Garden Account. Note: If you are from a partner site, like Breakthrough Broker, please select the account that includes your Partner site name.

14. Test your Walled Garden connection by clicking "Test Trigger". Test lead information will appear, then click "Continue".

15. Next, enter the name of your CRM in the "App & Event" search box to connect your CRM. Complete the prompts for your specific CRM.

16. Finally, configure the CRM fields to correspond with the correct Walled Garden fields. Important: You must select a field or the field will default to unrelated verbiage.

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