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Getting Started

Log in: https://breakthroughbroker.walledgardenhq.com

Click "Continue With Facebook" for access.

  1. You must accept ALL permissions in order to advertise.

  2. Yes, you log in using your personal account. However, during the ad booking process you will be prompted to select your desired business page.

Verify your MLS.

  1. Select your State

  2. Enter your MLS Listing ID, Agent ID, or Office ID

  3. Select Correct Item

  4. Click "I Agree To Terms Of Use"

  5. Click "Find My Listings" or "Start My Campaign". ("Find My Listings" will appear if you've entered an Agent or Office ID. "Start My Campaign" will appear if you've entered an MLS Listing ID.")

Uh-Oh! No MLS ID Match Found

In this case, please below proceed to Troubleshooting, Supported MLSs, and Office Opt-in for further instructions

Troubleshooting Questions:

Has Your Office Opted In To Allow Us Access To Your Data?

This is required in order to have access to listing data. Please see below for more details under "Office Opt-in".

Do You Have Active Listings?

The MLS ID you are attempting to use must be associated with an active listing. If you do not currently have an active listing, our platform will continue to ask for MLS Verification until identifying an MLS ID associated with active listings. No listing? Try using your Office ID or Advertising Another Agent's Listing.

Note: we do not display Pending, Coming Soon, or Sold listings.

Is Your MLS ID Correct?

You may enter an MLS Listing ID, Agent ID, or Office ID only.

Your MLS ID is NOT your license number.

Your MLS ID should NOT include any special characters such as . ! / (i.e. "abq.agentid" is incorrect, remove "abq." and use only "agentid")

Your MLS ID is often a shortened version of your name, office name, OR a series of numbers. All are assigned by your MLS.

Your MLS ID may not be the same as the credentials you use to log in to your MLS.

Did You Select The Correct State?

We display the States where our coverage is available.

Is Your MLS Board Available?

While we only display State names, we currently cover multiple MLSs per state. However, it could be your specific MLS is not available, even in the state listed. Click here to view Supported MLSs.

Office Opt-In

If List Hub covers your market but you are still having trouble verifying your MLS ID, your office may be required to Opt-In to List Hub's syndication. Have your MLS Admin or Brokerage Owner follow these directions to enable your listing information to become available on Breakthrough Broker's Walled Garden's platform. We use this information to automatically create your listing Facebook Ads.

New to ListHub:

  1. Go to www.ListHub.com

  2. Click on "Create An Account". (Note: you must be the head broker of record or the listing agent of a registered brokerage in order to create an account.)

  3. Fill in requested information and click "Complete Registration".

Your account is created and pending approval. You can go ahead and make publisher selections by following the set of directions below but listings will not appear just yet.

** Approval may take up to a week since ListHub verifies every account with the MLS/data source. **

Be sure to CHECK YOUR EMAIL account given at registration for confirmation your account is active and/or additional instructions.

Existing ListHub Accounts:

  1. Go to www.ListHub.com and click "Login".

  2. Click "Settings" then select "Affiliate Codes" and enter BREAKTHRU

  3. Go to the blue "Marketing Choices" tab and then select "Publisher Choices"

  4. Select Break Through Broker and click "Add Selection"

Still having issues verifying your MLS ID? Please chat with us or email Support@BreakthroughBroker.com

Once you've completed MLS Verification, here is a Quickstart Guide to help you quickly navigate purchasing your first ad. Glad to have you with us!

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