Kids Class

We want to provide your child a safe, fun, Christ-centered place to learn and grow during our weekend service. Each service begins with a few worship songs. Bring your child with you to the beginning of the service and then after opening music, we'll dismiss kids and give you time to take your child to Kids Class. We offer classes for children 3 years old through 6th grade. 


If you have a child who is 2 years old or younger, you can check them into our nursery. Our volunteers are all well-trained regular attenders of Walnut Creek who have passed a background check. In the nursery there is a changing table, a private restroom, diaper bag storage, diapers, wipes, and pretty much anything else you could need for your little one. If you have any questions, simply ask to speak to a nursery supervisor.

Health Policy

To ensure the health of every child in our nursery, we ask that you keep your child with you during the service if you suspect them to have a serious communicable illness or disease. 

A few things to consider:
–Have they had a fever in the past 24 hours?
–Have they vomited or had diarrhea in the past 24 hours?
–Do they have a severe cold or cough?
–Do they have green or yellow mucus?
–Are there any unexplained rashes or inflammations of the skin?
–Is there any redness or discharge from the eyes? 

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