Setting up the Amazon Fire Kids Tablet for use in Canada takes a few extra steps because the tablet and Amazon FreeTime Unlimited are not officially supported in Canada. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting up your tablet for use in Canada. 

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Before setting up the Amazon Fire Kids Tablet, it is important to change your Kindle account to an Kindle account. 

Step 1:
On your desktop/laptop computer, go to and sign in with your account credentials.

Step 2:
Go to, and sign in again with your account credentials.

Step 3:
Go to "Manage Your Content and Devices" under "Your Account"

Step 4:
Click the "Preferences" tab.

Step 5:
Under Country Settings, click on the "here" link.

Step 6:
Click "Learn about".

Step 7:
Click "Transfer your Kindle account to"

Step 8: Click "Continue to Manage Your Content and Devices"

Step 9: Return to the Preferences page and click on the Country/Region Settings section and change your country to United States. You will have to provide an U.S. address, but it can be any U.S. address. Click the Update button to save the address.

Now that you've transferred your Kindle account over to an account, you can proceed with setting up your Amazon Fire Kids Tablet. 

Step 10:

Turn the power on and select your language.

Step 11:
Enter your account email and password and click on the yellow arrow to continue.

Step 12:
Click Continue.

Step 13:
Click Setup your child's account.

Step 14:
Fill in the details of your child profile, and then click Continue

Step 15:
To enable the kid-safe web browser, click Continue.

Step 16:
Create a password or PIN that prevents your child from accessing your (adult) profile.

Step 17:
Your child's profile has been set up. To add apps, click the Add Content link.

Step 18:
In the App Store, you can browse through apps for kids by clicking on the magnifying glass and typing kids.

Step 19:
Download apps to include on your child's profile. Note that some apps cost money and all prices shown are in USD.

Step 20:
To add downloaded content to your child's profile, click the Settings icon, click Profiles & Family Library, and then click your child's profile. Click Add Content and then click Share Content to access the content that you have available for sharing. To add content, click each title that you want to add to your child's profile.

Step 21:
Select the user you'd like to use. You can always switch between your profile and your child's profile by swiping down from the top of the screen to open the menu, and selecting the user you'd like to use.

Step 22:
Switch to your child's profile to access downloaded content and available FreeTime Unlimited content.

For additional information about setting up your Amazon Kids Fire Tablet, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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