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How to stream a pre-recorded video
How to stream a pre-recorded video

This guide will help you to make a scheduled stream for a pre-recorded video

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With live-streaming you can stream a pre-recorded video. You need not be present in the Studio to manually click the Go Live button.

To begin, this video must be hosted on our platform.

By hosted video, we mean a video project made with editor or uploaded to your home page.

Begin on the home page, choose your video, and click the three dots on the video card for the dropdown.

Choose Stream this video:

You can keep or update your title and add a description.

Upload a thumbnail or choose to keep the default.

Schedule your stream or stream it now.

Time zone is detected automatically, based on your system time.

Visit your Upcoming Streams to find your Pre-recorded, scheduled live stream


If you're not sure how to set destinations, please check these articles:

Now you're ready to go!

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