The first step required would be a few amendments into the legal agreement. That wouldn’t necessarily affect anything on your onboarding process as this would just be an additional service.

For both offerings, there would be an additional charge.

For having access to JISAs, you are not required to take any other steps besides the ones mentioned above. The JISA opening requirements can be found here and required fields can be accessed here (you need to change the body request to ‘JISA definition’).

When it comes to SIPPs, we only offer Consolidation SIPPS at the moment, aiming to offer Accumulation SIPPs as well by the end of the year. In a nutshell, there is no SIPP API - it is merely a different way of onboarding a party. However, there are some strict rules that need to be followed around the maximum age of the client, and what can and cannot be done with this account.

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