Many merchants extend payment terms to their best customers. These customers are not required to make payment for a certain number of days after placing their order.

With our Net Orders feature, you can allow these customers to place their orders on your website without taking them to checkout and requiring immediate payment.


  1. Create a new net orders tag.

  2. Add that tag to the customer accounts you'd like to extend net 15/30/etc terms.

  3. When those customers login and visit the cart page, they'll see a "CHECKOUT WITH NET TERMS" button below the usual checkout button on your cart page.

  4. When they click the checkout button, an order form will appear where they can provide their shipping address.

  5. Upon submitting their order, you will receive an email notification informing you of this new net terms order. You can disable email notifications in the Settings tab.

  6. Customers will also automatically receive a copy of their invoice by email. You can modify the email content or disable automatic emailing of net terms invoices in the Settings tab.

Important Notes:

  • These orders appear in the Draft Orders section in Shopify - not the Orders section.

  • Payment is not automatically collected for net terms orders. You must follow-up with these customers at the end of their payment grace period (15 days, 30 days, etc) to collect payment. Invoice emails can be manually resent to customers from the Draft Orders section in Shopify.

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