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If you have website development experience, you may be able to correct this yourself. To do so:

  1. Ensure there are products in your cart.

  2. Visit your cart page.

  3. In the Google Chrome browser, right click on the subtotal amount and click 'Inspect Element'.

  4. Copy the CSS class or ID for the element containing your subtotal amount. In the screenshot shown below, the CSS class would be ".cart-footer__subtotal" (without quotation marks but with a period at the start of the class name.)

  5. Visit the Settings page, clear the contents of the 'Cart Subtotal Selector' field and paste the CSS class or ID you copied in the step above in to this field.

  6. Save your change then check your cart page to ensure the discount is appearing now. If it's not, please contact our support staff at for free setup assistance.

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