Customer Accounts is a feature in Shopify that allows customers to login to your website to view their past invoices and make orders tied to their customer accounts.

Wholesale Now uses customer accounts to provide wholesale discounts to only the customers you choose.

For details on how Shopify's customer accounts feature works, please check out or watch our screencast below which will show you how to setup Wholesale Now.

How to Setup Wholesale Now:

  1. Create a discount group in the app with a certain tag (e.g., 'wholesale').

  2. Tag your wholesale customer accounts in Shopify with that same tag (

  3. When your wholesale customers login to your store, they'll see their special pricing on the product page and their discount on the cart page.

If you notice the discounts you created in our app aren't appearing on the product and cart pages, here's a couple questions to narrow down the issue:

  • Have you enabled customer accounts in your Shopify settings?

  • Are you logged in to your storefront as a customer that's been tagged with the same tag you used in your discount group?

If you answered yes to both of those questions and it's still not working, please contact support and include the email and password for a wholesale shopper customer account. We'll then login and investigate further.

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