Method 1: Automatic Uninstaller

Wholesale Now has a convenient uninstaller that will remove its code from your theme.

BEFORE deleting Wholesale Now from the Apps page in your Shopify account, navigate to Install/Uninstall Tab in our app's dashboard and hit the Uninstall button:

Please wait 5 minutes after clicking the uninstall button before deleting the app from the Apps page.

Method 2: Manual Code Removal

If you've already deleted Wholesale Now, you can manually remove our app code with the steps below:

1. Edit your theme.liquid and delete the line "{% include 'wholesale-now' %} " from the bottom of the page.
2. In snippets, delete the file "wholesale-now.liquid".
3. In templates, delete the files:
- "cart.wholesale-now-cart.liquid"
- "search.wholesale-now-search.liquid"

Finally, ensure the app is deleted from the Apps section in Shopify.

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