Wholesale Now unfortunately has no ability to modify the draft order checkout process, include back to cart links, etc.

All of that is controlled by Shopify, and app companies like us have no control over it.

Draft orders are the cleanest way to offer discounts which is why Wholesale Now uses them.

If this is a showstopper for you, my recommendation would be to try a wholesale app that does not use draft orders.

Some wholesale apps use normal orders (not draft orders) with different methods of giving discounts including:

1. Discount codes (total wholesale discount is added as a discount code to the order)

2. Duplicate hidden variants (duplicate hidden variants each corresponding to a different wholesale price)

As you can imagine, these options both have serious drawbacks as well.

If you'd like to continue with our app / the draft order discount method, we recommend making a feature request to Shopify directly so they can note your interest in having a back to cart link in draft order checkout.

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