A fresh look

We’ve made design changes to help you see the live progress of your orders. It is now clearer where your items are within your order fulfilment process.

Live Weengs Tracking link in your dashboard

You get a dashboard section where you can keep track with each order, from when they get picked up by the Weengs drivers to when they are handed over to shipping carriers and beyond.

Personalised tracking link for your customers

In addition to the full visibility you’ll enjoy, you also get a shareable personalised link to forward to your customers.

You choose if you want to share this link with your customers. It is an added feature to your Weengs dashboard. It is not sent automatically and it does not affect the current integration with your store platform.

How does it work?

Track it

The new tracking feature is available from Monday.
You can start tracking an order the moment your Weengs driver collects it.

In your Weengs dashboard, click the ‘TRACK SHIPMENT’ button found next to each order that has been picked up.
Once a parcel is handed over to a carrier, the Weengs Tracking link updates with a tracking number and link from that carrier.

Share it

To share tracking with your customers, just click the ‘COPY LINK’ button at the bottom of the tracking page of an order.

Then simply paste it to your customers in emails or texts.

Brand it

You can personalise the public link you share with your customers, to display your logo.

What’s so great about it?

More detailed tracking

Once carrier tracking becomes available for each parcel, we’ll share any and all instructions regarding delivery to make sure your customers have all the information they require to receive their orders.

Continuous improvement

This tracking feature improvement is the first of more steps to come in making tracking as useful to you as possible.
As we learn how you use this tracking feature in managing shipments and improving your customers’ experience, we’ll continue to add capabilities to it, but we wanted to get the tracking feature out there so you guys could start experimenting with it.
The more access we get to carriers, the more we’ll share benefits with you so you can share with your customers.

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