Weengs’ international pricing

  • Pricing is calculated by zone – there are 7 of them – and prices are the same for all countries in the same zone
  • We ship everywhere, even Timbuktu.
  • Economy pricing is calculated purely on the weight of the parcel – it’s called dead weight pricing, for those in the know – so to work out pricing just weigh your item, add on the weight of packing materials and take a look at the handy rate-card below (you can also use your cost calculator).
  • Express pricing is calculated by the greater of the weight, or the volume weight. It’s a complicated formula, creating what’s called volumetric pricing. For an estimate price on international express, please consult your cost calculator.

These new zones look a little like this

We’ve only included key destinations – all countries are covered, just go to the cost calculator for more details.

And the rates are as follows:

International Economy 

(dead weight; all prices exclude VAT)

International Express 

(volumetric weight; all prices exclude VAT)  



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