➡️ What if I'm late?

We have a 10 minute late policy for all of our counsellors. This means that all counsellors are required to wait for 10 minutes for their client to arrive.

If you arrive later than 10 minutes into your counselling session, and your counsellor has left the session, this late arrival will be considered a “no show” and your payment will not be eligible for a refund.

If your counsellor decides to wait longer than 10 minutes, and he/she is still online when you join your session, you are free to complete the remainder of your session with your counsellor.

Please note: The Wellin5 system is automated - all online video sessions start at the exact agreed upon time.

Your counsellor appreciates punctuality 🔆 We recommend logging in to your dashboard 5 - 10 minutes prior to your session.

Questions? Please reach out to us at contact@wellin5.com

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