Wellin5 provides a counsellor match to each client upon sign up. Our matchmaking algorithm has resulted in a 80% client satisfaction rating since it was first implemented.

Why matchmaking?

At Wellin5, we are committed to providing an intuitive, accessible way of meeting with your counsellor online.

Part of our commitment is researching and finding the best system for accessing mental health support. Our unique matchmaking algorithm is based on years of clinical research and client feedback.

How does the matchmaking work?

The matchmaking algorithm takes into account your topic of concern, province, counsellor gender and other preferences, to match you with the best counsellor fit for you.

Can I change counsellors?

Yes of course! 👍 We are happy to find you a better match. Our Client Services team works closely with our counsellors and is very familiar with each counsellor's therapeutic approach and specializations.

To change counsellors, please reach out to our friendly Client Services team by email: contact@wellin5.com or on helpchat.

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