In order to have a successful online counselling session on Wellin5, it is important that you have a good internet connection. This will help avoid any connection issues or interruptions.

If you are experiencing a poor internet connection, here are some steps to follow to improve your connection:

Go here > If you are not in your Wellin5 counselling session

If you are in your Wellin5 counselling session:

  • Restart your session:

End and restart your Wellin5 counselling session by clicking on the red end button.

Restart your session by clicking the red 'Start Session' button on your Wellin5 home.

  • Chat with our Client Services team on Helpchat

  • Try logging out and logging in again.

  • Try using a different browser. Wellin5 works best on Chrome and the following browsers:

    • Chrome

    • Safari

    • Firefox

    • Microsoft Edge

Need additional help? Reach out to us on helpchat or send us an email.

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