In order to have a successful online counselling session, it is important to use a browser that is compatible with the Wellin5 platform. *Please note that as part of our privacy policy, all sessions must take place using the Wellin5 platform. We do not use 3rd party video services.

Wellin5 works best on Chrome so we recommend using that browser during the sessions.

If you experience connection issues during the session, we recommend trying a different browser that is also compatible with the Wellin5 platform:

  • Safari

  • Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

Please note, if you are using an iPhone or iPad to connect to your session you can only use the Safari browser.

To switch browsers during your session, follow these steps:

Step 1: End your current session by clicking on the red 'end' button

Step 2: Log in to your Wellin5 home using one of the above browsers.

Step 3: Restart your session by clicking the red 'Start session' button.

Step 4: If you are still experiencing difficulty, chat with our friendly client services team on Helpchat.

Questions or concerns? Please reach out to our friendly Client Services team by email: or on helpchat.

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