The main requirement for applying is a 4-year undergraduate or bachelor’s degree

In the United States these degrees are measured in credit hours which equal the amount of in-seat instruction time a class requires. Most undergraduate degrees average about 120 credit hours.

We do not require any particular degree or professional experience. Our students come from all sorts of previous school and work experience. The important thing that they all share is a vision for how ministry training will impact their lives and relationships. 

If you do not have a degree that meets our requirements for applying to a master’s program, you might still be able to apply under our “15% Rule.” 

A note on international degrees

In some countries the degree that is earned after high school (or secondary school) looks a bit different than the 4-year college degree in the United States. If you graduated from a school that doesn’t align with the U.S. system of college studies, that’s okay! We’ll be able to see from your transcript whether or not your degree meets our requirements, once you submit your transcript through World Education Services

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