Before you begin

For the best application experience, make sure you are connected to high-speed internet. You will also want to complete this application in Google Chrome. If needed, download Chrome before you begin. 

After completing the registration form, you will be directed to your application. You can leave the application without losing your responses and re-access it at any time through the link emailed to you. Do not submit the application until all of your answers have been saved and you've completed your video interview.

Before you begin the application, here are a few requirements to keep in mind. If you have further questions about the topics below, browse our whole collection of articles for more information.  

Program Requirements

  • Flexibility - you can complete almost all of your studies on your own time. However, for most classes there will be about one hour every other week when you will schedule to meet via live video with your small group of 4-6 students
  • Time commitment - each course requires approximately 10 hours of work per week, including lectures, reading and assignments
  • Applied Ministry Program - the program requires 100 hours of ministry experience with a mentor in your own community. 
  • Technical requirements - minimum technological requirements for the program are: a high speed, stable internet connection and a computer with a web camera for video chatting. 
  • Deposit fee - If admitted, you will be required to secure your enrollment with a $500 deposit fee within 4 weeks from hearing your decision

Application Requirements

  • Two Parts - The online application includes the registration form and application as well as your video and written interview which you will complete on a separate platform called Kira Talent. Don't worry, we'll give you more instructions when you get to this section. 
  • Technical requirements - Just like the program, the minimum technological requirements for the application are: a high speed, stable internet connection and a computer with a web camera for video responses. 
  • Application fee - The application requires a non-refundable $100 processing fee before submitting

That’s it! You’ll a hear a final decision on your application in no more than 2 weeks from the time you complete your application requirements. If you have any questions throughout the process, be in touch with our team!

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