From loans to outside scholarship, there are multiple ways students end up paying for their classes. Here are your options as an online student.  

Getting funding

  1. Personal support is a common way for our students to pay for school. Many of our students receive funding from their family, friends or church to help finance their tuition. Our payment system makes this easy by giving you a link in your student account that you can share with family and friends if they wish to contribute.
  2. Outside scholarships are available for many of our students. We recommend starting at to find potential funds.

Managing payments

  1. Federal loans offer some of the lowest interest rates to help cover the costs of graduate degrees for U.S. students. 
  2. Private loans can be very competitive with the rates of the federal loans available to our residential students. The interest rates are dependent on the individual’s credit score and there are occasions when the private loan rate is actually lower than the federal rate. If you’re interested in learning more about this option, contact our team.  

Be sure to compare the benefits of Federal and Private loans. And be in touch with our team if you have questions! We’d love to talk to you about these other financing opportunities.

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