Students are expected to be involved in 100 face-to-face applied ministry hours in the area of biblical counseling during their time in the program. Students are responsible for finding these internship opportunities and submitting a ministry proposal for approval to our office. But don’t worry, we walk our students through this process so once you’re ready to begin your internship we’ll help you get set up and ready to apply your training in the real world. 

Your mentor can be a

  • pastor
  • elder 
  • counselor
  • or leader in the specific area that you want to emphasize in your personal ministry (eg. campus ministry, social work, missions, women’s ministry, youth ministry, etc.). 

If your mentor has never supervised a Westminster student before, they will need to be approved by our office. You will meet with your mentor to receive guidance and input and to stay on track with your goals for the internship. After you’ve completed 100 hours, there will be a mentored ministry reflection assignment to complete with your mentor before submitting your hours for approval.

After your hours are approved, you’ve officially met the requirements of our program 🎉. However, if it fits into your schedule you could continue in your internship role to gain more experience. But that’s completely up to you!

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