Planning your MAC degree

The Master of Arts in Counseling is typically completed in 2-5 years. Below is a recommended schedule for students intending to graduate in 2 years and a schedule for students intending to graduate in 5 years. Students seeking to go at an alternate pace, can use these degree tracks as a guide. Since there are no prerequisites, students can take the courses in any order.  Students can refer to the Annual Course Offerings chart to plan their courses each term.

This chart outlines course levels [entry, mid, and advanced], which can help students create a track that makes sense for their needs.

Students can talk to their advisor to discuss any degree completion planning or tracking questions. Contact to schedule a time. 


Tracking your degree completion
As you complete your degree, you will be able to track your courses and remaining requirements on your student platform. The Degree Audit tab in Populi shows you how many credits you have to complete, which courses apply to what core group of courses, and which classes you have left. This tool can help provide an overview to help you better track your degree.

If you have questions and would like to review your degree track with your advisor, please contact

Example of a blank degree audit in Populi

As courses are completed they will populate the "Core Courses" and "Elective Courses" fields. "Cumulative Credits" will display the total number  of credits completed out of the total number required.

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