Student-to-student interaction 

Every other week you will spend about 1 hour video conferencing with a small group of about 5 students per course. This small group will be specific to the individual course and the students you are grouped with will change from course to course. Our team will assign small groups keeping timezone considerations in mind.  

Your video chat will focus on the questions that your teacher provides for that week’s discussion and will be centered around an aspect of that week’s course content.  You will get the chance to interact with your professors in the online program every other week via their responses to your weekly assignments as well as during weekly online office hours. 

Professor-to-student interaction

On the alternate weeks (the weeks when you don’t meet with your small groups) you’ll hear a response form your professor on the questions you generated during your small group time. Sometimes the responses will be over video and at other times the teacher will provide a written response. 

In addition to interacting over the small group questions, professors will also host 1 hour per week of office hours. During this time, you’ll have access to your teachers on the community platform. 

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