Paying tuition

The financial tab available in your Populi account shows your account balance. When you log in, you will have a notification awaiting you in your alerts letting you know payments are ready. 

Payments should be made directly in Populi. Simply click the notification and you'll be directed to a page to make payments via credit card or checking account. You can also click "Someone else paying?" to get a convenient link to share with others who may be contributing to your payments.

The financial tab in your profile gives an overview of how much is due per term. You can check out the breakdown of what has been charged to your account and what is still left to pay. Previous payments are logged in your profile, making it easy for you to keep track and find information you may need. 

Click the "By Term" tab to see what is is due in each term. Narrow your search by choosing a particular term in the "Show" dropdown menu. To see what is due in this term, find and click on the "2017-2018 October" option. You can also navigate to other terms as you advance through the program to see what has been applied to your account.

Once your payment is complete, your account will reflect a zero balance. 

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