Yes! CCEF courses taken before September 2017 can be transferred into the MAC program at a rate of $100 per course. These courses have to be less than 10 years old when you begin classes in the program. For example, courses taken in September 2010 would need to be transferred into the program by September 2020. You must complete at least one course at Westminster before the courses will be applied to your account.

NOTE: CCEF courses transferred onto a Westminster transcript are not accredited and may not be accepted by other institutions if you choose to transfer to another program.

Courses you take after September 2017 can still be transferred into the program but you’ll be 

  • limited to 5 courses for transfer and
  • will have to pay the full difference in tuition in order to transfer. 

No matter when courses were taken, they must have been taken for credit with a final grade of “C” or above. Any 2-credit CCEF courses taken at Westminster will require supplemental work to transfer into an online degree as a 3-credit course.

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