Even though there are several updates to the courses required in the online MAC, you'll see the majority of courses taken through CCEF's School of Biblical Counseling (SBC) will transfer in for full credit for their direct equivalents. For instance, if you have taken Counseling & Physiology through SBC then that will complete your Counseling & Physiology requirement in the online MAC. Courses completed outside of SBC's 12 certificate courses may count for credit towards the required elective.

Note: SBC courses must have been completed for credit with a grade of "C" or above to count for credit in the online MAC.

Course transfer details

The following courses transfer into the online MAC as direct equivalents

Dynamics of Biblical Change
Helping Relationships
Human Personality
Counseling in the Local Church
Marriage Counseling
Counseling Problems & Procedures
Counseling & Physiology
Theology & Secular Psychology
Essential Qualities of a Biblical Counselor
Counseling Children & Adolescents
Counseling Observation

What's new

  • Biblical Interpretation will now be taught by Westminster faculty under the name "Introduction to Hermeneutics." Students who have completed Biblical Interpretation before September 2017 through Westminster Theological Seminary or SBC will receive full credit for the new course. If the course is taken during or after September 2017 it will not transfer into the program.
  • Counseling Observation is now required to be taken twice in the program. Students will receive credit for up to two observations taken through SBC as long as they were covering different cases.  

A note to students who have taken counseling courses through Westminster

If you have taken Counseling & Physiology, Counseling Observation, Essential Qualities of a Biblical Counselor, or Counseling in the Local Church through Westminster for credit, you may have to complete supplemental work to have the former 2-credit course meet the requirements of the updated 3-credit course equivalents. Our team will work with you to find out the best transfer solution for your courses. Also, if you've taken other 1 or 2-credit courses, those may count towards your required elective. 

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