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How to Create an Application or Registration
How to Create an Application or Registration
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Applications/Registrations are used for data collection and onboarding workflows. They are curated by Organization Administrators to streamline the experience of different team members.

To create a new Application or Registration:

  • From your hamburger icon in the top left, click on the Applications/Registrations icon

  • Click the yellow "+ Add New" button in the upper right hand corner

  • Add a title for the Application or Registration in the "Title" field

  • Toggle Yes/No to make the Application or Registration active or inactive

Under "Advanced Options" you'll find Application/Registration Statuses and Stage Statuses:


╰This should include any blanket status you would like to place on the outcome of a particular user, ie: an "Accepted" notification for users who pass all criteria and successfully enter the workspace.

Stage Status

╰This should be a specific status for an application within a certain stage, ie: a user who has not yet submitted their application but is still in "In-Progress."

╰You might have the following stage statuses: Complete, In-Progress, Submitted or Expired.

Both are left blank as the default inputs of Application/Registration and Stage Status.

💡Keep in mind: Application/Registration status is used to mark a status specific to a user, whereas stage status is used to indicate the status of a user's application.

Under Associations, you can link the application or registration to relevant content:

Hubs - the Hubs feature provides high level information for each of your cohorts.

Lessons - Lessons, or online learning modules, are the ways in which your users learn new information.

WeDrive - The WeDrive is where all content is stored within the workspace. The WeDrive allows you to store all files, documents, videos & images within one location to then edit and share with those in your workspace.

Forms - Forms includes time sensitive deliverables and assignments.

FAQs - FAQs (or frequently asked questions) are common questions that your users may have about a Form, Lesson or Hub.

🔥 Now that your first Application or Registration is set-up, connect it to your landing page!

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