How to Create a Hub
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The Hubs feature provides high level information for each of your cohorts. Each Hub includes the various associated Lessons, Forms, FAQs and User Participants specific to that cohort.

To create a new Hub:

  • Click the yellow "+" button in the top right hand corner of your Hubs dashboard

  • Add a title into the title bar. You are now ready to begin building your Hub

  • For each Hub you can:

    ╰Add a color tag and/or emoji

    ╰Indicate who the Hub is visible to (Student, Mentor and/or Organization Administrator)

    ╰Provide a high-level description of the Hub

    ╰Add associated Lessons, WeDrive content, Forms, FAQs and Mentors/Student

💡 Remember: Click the green "Save Changes" button in the bottom right hand corner to save your Hub to the Hubs dashboard.

Your Hubs dashboard provides an overview of all the Hubs in your workspace. From here, you can easily search for Hubs and access high level information for each, including how many users are in each Hub, who the Hub is visible to, and what content is associated to each Hub.

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