What does the integration between WeThrive & breathe do?

The integration is a one-way flow of your employee records from breathe to WeThrive – this means you do not have to manually update WeThrive when there are changes in your organisation.

What information is copied across?

Below shows the field mapping from breathe to WeThrive:

  • Email > Email

  • Known Name + Last Name > Name

  • Division > Team

  • Location > Location

  • Department > Department

  • Unit (leave empty)

  • Line Manager > Manager

  • If you have any extra custom fields in WeThrive these will remain blank when you sync your data.


WeThrive uses the email address as the unique identifier for each of your employees.
For the sync to work everyone must have a unique and valid email address.

WeThrive uses ‘Team’ as the primary data label. The sync from breathe is set to map ‘Division’ to ‘Team’ in WeThrive.
For the sync to work all of your employees must be allocated to a Division

How to integrate WeThrive and breathe

To connect WeThrive and breathe follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow these instructions in the breathe help files https://intercom.help/breathehr/en/articles/2089501-breathe-api to enable your API and copy your production API key to your clipboard.

  2. On your WeThrive profile page click on the Integrations tab and select breathe. 

  3. Paste your API key into the appropriate field for breathe.

  4. Press the ‘Setup breathe integration’ button.

  5. A confirmation message will appear in the top right of the screen that the API link has been established.

  6. Go to your WeThrive people page and press ‘Sync breathe’.

  7. Once the sync is complete your people will appear in the table with the appropriate data fields.

How do I update WeThrive with employee changes?

Simply go to your People table in WeThrive and press ‘Sync breathe’. The following updates will be made:

  • New staff will be added (provided you have sufficient licences).

  • Any changes of team etc will be updated (these changes will be reflected in your next survey).

  • Leavers will be marked as inactive (their data will remain in WeThrive so that historical reports are accurate).


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