WeThrive is designed to work on all modern and popular Internet browsers. The application itself as used by your administrator user is fully SaaS based and accessed via a web browser.

Whilst we endeavour to support usage on as many browser versions as possible, our officially supported list includes:

  • Google Chrome, most recent stable version (recommended)

  • Mozilla Firefox, most recent stable version

  • Internet Explorer 11 and above

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Apple Safari versions 8.x, 9.x, and 10.x on Mac OS X

The WeThrive survey

The WeThrive survey itself is deployed to your people via an email link. The survey is mobile responsive and can be completed on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Due to the increasing number of mobile platforms and versions available, we are unfortunately unable to provide a comprehensive list of compatible devices. However, we will continue to support all latest version of iOS, Android and Windows browsers on the predominant devices including iPhone, Samsung and Nokia.

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