You can create your own action from scratch, or you can create actions using your Coaching and Wellbeing recommendations (more info on this here).

To create your own action from scratch, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Actions menu.

2. Click Add Action.

3. Enter your Action Title and a Description of your action.

4. Click each of the drop down boxes on the right hand side to enter your action details (read below for more details about each of the drop down options).

5. Use the Filters to choose who you would like the action to apply to (read more about the Filters below).

6. Click the orange Add Action button. The action will now appear in your Actions table. 

Action details

To the right hand side of your action description are a range of drop down boxes. These allow you to add more detail about who your action is relevant to and means you can keep track of its progress.

  1. Survey - choose which survey your action has come from

  2. Owner - assign someone to be responsible for the action

  3. Area - choose which sub-area of the 4C model the action falls under

  4. Status - keep track of what stage the action is at: not started, in progress or completed.

  5. Due Date - enter a date for the action to be completed by


A challenge may only apply to a certain group of employees or may only be relevant to one individual. Use the filters to change who your action applies to.

You can filter in 5 ways:

  1. Individual - click the drop down box or start typing an employee's name to choose one individual (only available on the Pro121 version). 

  2. Team

  3. Location

  4. Department

  5. Unit

  6. Manager

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