Your survey will reveal challenges within certain sub-areas of the 4C model. You can view your team's top challenges on the survey dashboard. 

Once the survey closes and you have viewed your dashboard and reports, the next step is to act on employee feedback and prioritise the sub-areas where most challenges appear.

What are actions?

On the survey dashboard, you will find your coaching and wellbeing recommended actions (for help understanding your coaching/wellbeing actions, we suggest reading this guide).

These show the areas where there is most room for improvement. 

We provide recommendations for tackling the top priority actions and you can view by clicking the orange Read more button.

Tracking your actions

Our action tracking tool allows you to:

  1. Create action plans to target specific challenges

  2. Track the progress of actions

  3. Record all post-survey activities in one place

  4. Report on the progress of your action plans.

You can log the WeThrive coaching and wellbeing recommendations as actions, then track their progress. To create actions using WeThrive recommendations, please read this topic.

Alternatively, you can create your own actions from scratch in WeDo. We've created a step-by-step guide to help.

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