When you create an action, it will automatically be assigned to you. If you would like someone else to be responsible for making sure this action is carried out, you can assign it to another user of the system.

For example, you may create an action that relates to a specific team and you'd like the manager of that team to be responsible for making sure the action is completed.

To change the owner of an action follow these steps: 

1. Go to the Actions menu. 

2. Click on the action you'd like to edit. 

3. Click the orange Edit Action button. Please note you can only edit an action that you have created.

4. Using the Owner drop down, select the person you'd like to assign the action to (they must already be set up as a WeThrive user)

5. Click Save Action

The new action owner will receive an email notification to let them know a new action has been assigned to them.

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