WeTrack has a wide range of intuitive and interactive Reports that offer a powerful and exciting way of seeing information on your Project(s). Reports can be downloaded as PDF or CSV files (the CSV files are unformatted data files that can be viewed in Excel or other spreadsheet applications) as well as sent automatically by email as regularly as you choose.

There are four categories of Reports:

SNAPSHOT: This is the default Report category on the Report Options screen. Snapshots are the Reports you are most likely to use regularly as they offer quick visual summaries of the status of your Project(s), whether at a detailed or more high-level focus.

STATIC DATA: The reports in this category essentially provide details of the stored data in the system that doesn’t change much such as the Projects, the Users and the Task list.

EXPORTS: The export section allows you to download, into an excel file, the information contained within WeTrack on Tasks, Project, Users, etc. We know there are hundreds of ways of presenting data and we hope the majority of the ways to do this are supported by WeTrack. However, with the download, you can manipulate the data to present it in a way that you may want that WeTrack does not support.

FINANCE: Specific reports related to finance and budgeting, if your account has this module switched on.

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