Using key milestones in WeTrack

Milestones are a type of Task that have an added level of significance. Milestones can only last one day in duration and, as such, are used to denote key days in your Project/Event's progress. 

Being late on Milestones generally has wider implications on the progress of your event delivery, so WeTrack allows you to track them straight from the MyTrack page (available in the left-hand sidebar, and looks as per the below image). Milestones, like any Tasks, are given a RAG status according to their progress.

We recommend checking out this article on the difference between tasks & milestones, and how to use them together.

You can assign milestone status to a task through the add task form when you create it, or by editing the task once it is already created. 

NOTE: Milestone Tasks are denoted on a Gantt Chart by a diamond shape, rather than the usual square/rectangle. See the below image for an example. We recommend reading this article on using Gantt to track your milestones.

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