In WeTrack’s new Reporting module, there are three ways to export Reports: by PDF, CSV or Email. These are all possible from the top of the Report Preview page. 

Note: PDFs and CSVs are currently only available for Tables; both Tables and Charts can be exported by Email.

PDF: To Export to PDF, simply click “PDF” at the top of the Report Preview page. The system will ask you to give the PDF a Title before Exporting. There is also the option to write a Summary. Click “Export to PDF” to open the PDF on the Web, then click “Export PDF” to download a copy. 

[Note: This Title and Summary are specific to the (collection of) Report(s) that you are Exporting; the Title and Introductory Notes of each individual Report remain with each individual section.]

CSV: CSV files are unformatted data files that can be viewed in Excel or other spreadsheet applications. Click “CSV” at the top of the Report Preview page to immediately download a copy of the Report. 

Email: To email a Report to selected users (including yourself if necessary), first click “Share Report” at the top of the Report Preview page. Input a Report Title and Summary; choose as many Users as you wish to be the Recipients; and select the frequency with which to send the Report. Finally, click “Save” to set up the sharing. See more here.

PNG: Charts can now be saved as pictures - PNG files. Simply click the down-arrow in the top right corner of the Chart preview.

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